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Travel videos were created by Davito Daveeni as a tool for the budget traveller.
While being abroad Davito realized almost anyone with a small amount of money can explore the planet.
Focusing on destinations that are cost effective developed a daily budget to allow longer stays without the need for large funding. Our documentaries focus on the hot spots of a city. More of what to see and where to go instead of elaborating on specific historic facts and stories.

DiGi-Art Productions

DiGi-Art Productions is based in Hollywood, Florida. We produce innovative videos, TV shows, & Feature Films. We are a graphics design and photography studio as well. Besides productions we are also Directing and provide post production computer editing. We are currently working on producing documentary programs as well as entertainment videos. We have been in productions for 20+years...


"A one of a kind idea for travelling. Know one else mentions how to reduce costs while seeing it all!"

Molly Atkins (Texas)


         Davito Daveeni