Travel Tips

Lets go over information which could not fit into the videos.
First of all, for lodging if you are on a extremly tight budget then consider Hostels.
These are furnished apartments or homes that give you an option to rent just a bed instead of the whole room. They have shared baths, kitchens and living areas. A great way to meet people and very popular for young travellers.
For the others, many countries have the option to rent an apartment in a private building. This is usually a much better choice than a hotel as you gain more space, privacy and comfort.
Depending on the country there are special websites that promote these apts with pictures and reviews from prior visitors.

We tried to point out a few choices for meals as there are many more that could not fit in. This is probably the 2nd biggest daily expense besides lodging. We were able to maintain a $20/day budget with 2 to 3 meals. Most of which were not your tablecloth fancy establishments but quality cafeterias and fast food outlets.
Of course there is another approach to maxmize savings which is to use the supermarkets. They will have a delicatessen with salds, meats, sandwiches and more. With an apartment and kitchen you can do better than our daily budget for all or at least part of the meals.

Is it safe to drink local water? We never recommend it, it is very inexpnsive to purchase in food markets and supermarkets so why risk being sick while on vacation. It may be a good idea to purchase a comfortable bottle to carry with you and a large gallon or more type of container which you can use to re-fill your daily bottle to minimize waste and expense.